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The title should explain most of this post...Yeah idk what to do about this, it's sorta like I kinda like him but am not quite sure if I could imagine him as my bf. and none of you know who "him" is anyways so yeah. This is what was on my mind and I'll post again soon with details...assuming I have any lol.XDD
So, there haven't been many people on this site, considering that most of us don't update our blogs often, a.k.a. me and the others. Mostly me though. There seems to be some minor quarreling going on which I hope doesn't involve me and if it does, I hope they talk to me about it. Let's see, this is really random but I've been trying to find some kind of skin care product that works well for acne and so far I'm thinking of trying aveeno. Not sure if it's gonna work or not but I guess I'll have to see. On another note, I'm assuming those of you who visited our site know about nw's condition. Clearly I have no clue as to how far a stage it's in or anything like that. I'm also not planning on putting any opinions on this post since I don't want to get anyone angry. I'm just hoping that it all goes well and that she gets the treatment she needs for this and that it helps, whatever it may be. Summer is coming which is one +:) I'm gonna be taking classes and going to camp, yayXD  Hopefully everyone, (or at least whoever visits our site) has a good summer vacation!  I hope you enjoyed this and I'll post again soon:)




SOrry! I haven't been on in a while! It's finally 2011 and I'm excited to say that there might be snow least that's what the weather said unless it lied. I just relized that we have to film something soon....and I need to update my blog more-__- Someone please check my blog, I finally updated lol. so.....yeah....nw has a gf congrats nw:) and let's see....I hope you guys like the dub. I really hope that we can do another one soon^ ^
No one comes on this site anymore. It's probably because we stopped filming and we don't update our blogs much anymore. Well, winter break is here and christmas is just around the corner. It has been really rainy lately but hopefully it lets up a bit. I'm still hoping that people are coming on this site besides the three of us. Yes, you know who you are. I think tha we need to
Our gym looked like a clubO_O with all the falshing lights, people, etc. it was kind of interesting but secrurity was tight, they checked i.d., purses, and wrist bands. Like an actualy club does, lol, But it makes sense to do that I guess. It was kind of interesting, dressing up then seeing tons of ppl and whatnot. Price was kind of a rip off though. What else....oh idk, what is up with the cow in the corner but it's soft looking.../(^o^)\ <<<< this is my fail cowXDDD cute huh? anyways yeah that's about it, have a great week everyone.
I might go, but I might not, it sounds like it'll be a lot of fun though. It's funny that I named this post after that but I'm not going to talk about it now. so I got a bunch of books from the library and I'm not even finished with any of them yet haha. I'll get to it eventually though. Oh yeah, I wish that I could ask the person I like to homecoming, buuut sadly, I cannot because he is going to his own homecoming, oh well. Let's see, I guess I'll just babble about my day on here since I don't have anything else to do. Oh, I managed to join a couple clubs and they're just the greatest. I hope that I'm not boring anyone on here. That wouldn't be very good huh? lol my stuffed animal penguin is like, the most awesome penguin in the world fsho fshoXDD anyways, I figured that I'd just post something since there isn't anything else that's going on. Oh well, I hope that everyone's having a good week...uhhh yeah, that's it....^__________________________^ BIG SMILEY FACE (even though im not actually smiling>_<) But yeah, oh, brow definer creeps me out, I tried some on and it wouldn't come offO_O I literally had to rub it off with a wet face here's a question, how are we supposed to get waterproof eyeliner off our eyes? I'm being serious cuz I have no clue how to get it off.
I'm not gonna go through the whole thing about talking to you viewers out there cuz it doesn't seem like a lot of people are visiting the site, but that's prolly cuz we haven't posted an episode in a long while. Lots of stuff have been going on which is why we haven't had time to really post anything up besides changing pictures. Now, there have been a few visiters in the chat box, now if you guys are new to our site thanks for checking it out, if it's someone who already knows about this site and is trying to make up viewers, that's not fun:P No, I'm not accusing any specific people but I just figured that I would throw that out there. I may seem mean right now, I'm not trying to, I'm just ranting on here cuz a lot of stuff has been going on. On another note, I've been watching a whole lot of fruits basket:D It's an aesome anime. Oh yeah one more thing, if anyone has visited our site and has seen their original artwork as one of our pictures above for our website, I just wanted to let you know we are giving credit to you and we don't want you guys to think that we're art stealers or something, that's not our intention. We like to use pictures from anime shows to sort of attract people to our site but we aren't trying to steal or anything. Despite that there has been some modifications done to the pictures above, it's still your artwork so whoever's artwork it belongs to, I just wanted to let you know that, in case on some rare chance that you stumble upon our site. Examples would be, Azumanga Daioh, Higurashi, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, yeah mostly gaming and anime stuff.
Okay so anyways, I'm sick, I caught a cold over the weekend and I've had to miss two days of school which is driving me crazy because I have two tests to make up and a ton of note that I need to copy from someoneT_T Despite that I don't like being at school, and I hate hw, I'd rather do it at home and actually know what I have to do rather than email all of my teachers and ask them and some don't reply within hours so I end up asking other ppl. Luckily, the hw load wasn't big at all today. I just have a project that I need to get done...Well besides all of this, everything has been interesting. The weather is changing so I'm happy about that. Camping over the weekend was a lot of fun too. I really liked how God helped everyone that weekend and yes I'm a christian. Sorry to share some of my religious views but I am and I'm happy I am. So, that's it I guess. I just thought that I would sort of put that out on my blog to sort of vent in some way.
Okay so basically this week has been busy, I have had to put full concentration on school and other things so I haven't had a chance to visit the site recntly but here i am. Let's most of you guys know, labor day weekend is coming so I'm hoping you guys enjoy a 4 day weekend, I know I will:)  But anyways, there hasn't rly been that much going on except for occasional problems here and there but they'll smooth out soon. I've been trying to find time to watch a drama called Romantic Princess. It is soo good and I'm prolly going to watch it again once I finish the series. Another thing, hopefully the weather cools down cuz it has been really hot and I hate hot weather, no offence to those who love it. But, I like winter better, just sayin.

Moving on...I'm hoping that at least a couple ppl are reading my blog-___- take a look at it when you get a chance or look at ryrare and norwood's blogs. Umm I'm probably not gonna be on the site very often because of homework, studying, etc. hence why I'm making this blog post longer than usual. So, yes, enjoy the site if you're new here and if you aren't, then we should get back to filming sometime, I'd have to ask Ryrare when but eventually it will get back so don't forget about usXD  and that's about it, if you guys are checking out the site, thanks a lot and please comment on any of the three blogs if you have questions, comments or go to the chatbox if you just want to talk^ ^
School is starting for a lot of ppl so this means that none of us will be on as much because of homework, studying, school activites, etc. So, this will probably be my last blog post for a while. I might post during the school year but it won't be too much. This means that filming will be cut short due to  everything listed above. So much for making a movie...anyways, whether o rnot school has started for any of you yet, I hope you have /had a great first day and continue to work hard throughout school, don't slack off and try your best;)
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