We the You!
Our gym looked like a clubO_O with all the falshing lights, people, etc. it was kind of interesting but secrurity was tight, they checked i.d., purses, and wrist bands. Like an actualy club does, lol, But it makes sense to do that I guess. It was kind of interesting, dressing up then seeing tons of ppl and whatnot. Price was kind of a rip off though. What else....oh idk, what is up with the cow in the corner but it's soft looking.../(^o^)\ <<<< this is my fail cowXDDD cute huh? anyways yeah that's about it, have a great week everyone.
Lazy person
10/24/2010 05:01:29 am

I vote we name the cow Reggie #2 cuz of the soft head hehe

11/8/2010 05:28:34 pm

No man is born wise or learned


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