We the You!
Okay so basically this week has been busy, I have had to put full concentration on school and other things so I haven't had a chance to visit the site recntly but here i am. Let's see...as most of you guys know, labor day weekend is coming so I'm hoping you guys enjoy a 4 day weekend, I know I will:)  But anyways, there hasn't rly been that much going on except for occasional problems here and there but they'll smooth out soon. I've been trying to find time to watch a drama called Romantic Princess. It is soo good and I'm prolly going to watch it again once I finish the series. Another thing, hopefully the weather cools down cuz it has been really hot and I hate hot weather, no offence to those who love it. But, I like winter better, just sayin.

Moving on...I'm hoping that at least a couple ppl are reading my blog-___- take a look at it when you get a chance or look at ryrare and norwood's blogs. Umm I'm probably not gonna be on the site very often because of homework, studying, etc. hence why I'm making this blog post longer than usual. So, yes, enjoy the site if you're new here and if you aren't, then we should get back to filming sometime, I'd have to ask Ryrare when but eventually it will get back so don't forget about usXD  and that's about it, if you guys are checking out the site, thanks a lot and please comment on any of the three blogs if you have questions, comments or go to the chatbox if you just want to talk^ ^
Lazy Norwood
9/2/2010 08:26:03 am

I appologise for being a problem T.T

non lazy norwood many months later
9/27/2010 11:18:47 am

apology isnt accepted x.x im such a bad person! *angst angst angst angst*


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