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So, there haven't been many people on this site, considering that most of us don't update our blogs often, a.k.a. me and the others. Mostly me though. There seems to be some minor quarreling going on which I hope doesn't involve me and if it does, I hope they talk to me about it. Let's see, this is really random but I've been trying to find some kind of skin care product that works well for acne and so far I'm thinking of trying aveeno. Not sure if it's gonna work or not but I guess I'll have to see. On another note, I'm assuming those of you who visited our site know about nw's condition. Clearly I have no clue as to how far a stage it's in or anything like that. I'm also not planning on putting any opinions on this post since I don't want to get anyone angry. I'm just hoping that it all goes well and that she gets the treatment she needs for this and that it helps, whatever it may be. Summer is coming which is one +:) I'm gonna be taking classes and going to camp, yayXD  Hopefully everyone, (or at least whoever visits our site) has a good summer vacation!  I hope you enjoyed this and I'll post again soon:)
Ryrare (who isnt bothering to sign in
6/4/2011 02:22:28 am

acne.. idk if its bad u can talk to doctor and hammy i think im the one qwho visits this page the mst then u and DNW doesnt wnna comer bakc bc as u put it were "quarreling"

sigh i dotn like fighitn with friends.

does she even rmemebr why shes ma at me?

6/5/2011 11:46:00 am

I think she dos I'm not sure. has she been talking to you lately?

6/6/2011 11:30:27 am

Nope. not one word.

its really weird.

6/6/2011 01:50:25 pm

Then I have no clue


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