We the You!


Hey one day in PE class, Norwood and I (Ryrare) had a great conversation, hilariously funny, and we said, this would make a good webshow, and we decided to share it with You!  We are the future and we are you.  We live amoung you in the darkest (or brightest) corners of your mind.  We are young and reckless, (we're on the internet for crying out loud!(well not quite that reckless, you don't know our real names do you?!)).  and We are You! and we are (hopefully here to  stay) and well, I'm outta funny things to say, check out the rest of the site. 

Ryrare Mercer

Ryrare isn't that creative, oh and I live in the dark corners of your mind. 


I live in the light corners of your mind. and uh, I can't think of  anything else to say.


Yeah Hammy's not all that creative either.  =P

Hey Don't tell Ryrare but I'm writing in the welcome spot when I'm not supposed to HAHAHA I love these little edits where i cnage the site =)

-EDIT- No Norwood I have known for a while ;p 

-EDIT- why do we keep editing? and whered that facebook thing come from? i do not want a picture of myself where psychos can see it (hence why we have the webshow -.-) and nice spelling on change, heh cnage?

-EDIT- you started it, and the photo is rather obscure and hard to Identify, and besides I thought psychos already know what you look like?   And why haven't you responded to this yet?

    Please letus know what you think about our website and comedy show, critique is welcome!

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