We the You!




SOrry! I haven't been on in a while! It's finally 2011 and I'm excited to say that there might be snow coming....at least that's what the weather said unless it lied. I just relized that we have to film something soon....and I need to update my blog more-__- Someone please check my blog, I finally updated lol. so.....yeah....nw has a gf congrats nw:) and let's see....I hope you guys like the dub. I really hope that we can do another one soon^ ^
2/24/2011 11:05:15 pm

@hammy, we dont neeed to film, i need to stop ebing a lazy editor that has no time to edit all the film WE ALREADY HAVE bc of school track and now band and psat testing .......BUT the blog thing, yeah, that could use some work....... for AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL of us

3/10/2011 02:49:51 pm

PSAT..? You actually took that this year? It's nowhere near the actual tests you know. Stupid overachievers... And thank you for the congrats hammy =3


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