We the You!
yeah i really did =) on purpose too arent i smart?! but anyways uh... i forgot why i was making a new post so.... i dunno well i gotta finish this post quick cuz my brother is a pain in the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and ive freaked myself out last night by watching scary stuff too so i get no sleep either!! heres the freaky song if you people (are there any?) want to listen.. i cant get a translation yet but im working on it! one line out of... a lot down!!

School sucks... Homework sucks... Freezing classrooms suck... alright done with the summarized complaints =) of course now theres not much to write about... well my first post still gets record for the shortest one haha! anyway i am sort of excited though since the english version of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep comes out soon, hence the picture at the top ALSO old top pictures made by me will be under the picture gallery or whatever its called and theyll be the full versions too so check those out. ^_^ hope the english version is easier to beat than the japanese one, although its not hard to find out what youre supposed to do using special ability thingamabobs is like roulette. spell check on that? hmmmmm........... wonder if i should tell the interwebbing world that one important thing................................................... im not hyper enough to make myself type it so you will all remain shrouded in mystery muahahahaha. Thats it for now,


SCHOOLS STARTING! its so terrible, ill have to wake up early every day and theres homework and projects and stuff T.T only upside is seeing some of my favorite people close to every day. I DID get into this engineering academy at school though so thats an acomplishment......... but lack of sleep is murder and itll be really bad if i cant stand my teachers again. things could be worse i guess, they coudve screwed up my schedule and gave me cardio fitness instead of chemistry (id kill myself) -.-'' another bad thing is i wont be seeing hammy during the week AND HAMMY YOU START A DAY LATER YOU EVIL PERSON!!! i guess that also means itll be close to impossible to even start making that movie idea we had unless i make models of us in anime form and make it an animated feature but even then we have to do voice acting and im only good at storyboards, not dialogue... well i guess i could do my own being a serial killer myself muahaha but i dunno how a genius detectives mind works.
Wish me luck on tests and I'll do the same for you!! Thanks to all/an

Summer is almost over T.T so much for filming before school started... and its a day earlier than last year for Ryrare and I -.-" well, i hope to be doing a bit more for the site regarding posts and the top thing (strawberry panic uniforms on us =D) *sigh* well i posted for the sake of posting but i have nothing to say....... 
oh I know! give  me some ideas for the next time i change the top, EX name an anime with a neat uniform or outfit or whatever and the person you want i 
Check it out! I spent a few hours changing colors by close to one itty bitty pixel at a time and painstakingly made about a million different hues and made an anime picture of myself with shorter hair (I'll be getting it cut short soon muahaha) using Kagura from Azumanga Daioh for basic shape of the eyes and hands (HANDS SUCK TO DRAW)
 It took forever hehe, and i wouldve changed the clothes to more lively colors if i had time before dinner. THIS PHOTO IS COPYRIGHTED kinda BY ME, ITS MY OWN CHARACTER DESPITE THE SIMILARITIES TO ANY LIVING OR DECEASED ANIME CHARACTER if you pull up a picture side by side youll see the differences too. T.T i wish people could really have that awesome spiky hair that always stays the same style like in animes. Dinner time now, so bye to you people who arent eating chicken and potatoes! =3
(why do the numbers on this site seem to be a line lower than letters?)


how come in the word Iscolation, the first syllable is ICE yet when its summer and most students are iscolated from their friends its ot as heck?! i think its been about four weeks since school got out but it feels like forever! due to the seperation we havent got any filming done either which is a setback. I've mostly been spending my dayd lyig around, swimming, trying to contact ryrare in her far away place or been working for a bit. I still dont know when i start tutoring but im not looking foward to it -.- i have the feeling the kid will hate/be afraid of me. my lazyness keeps me from going out and doing anything so its really like a jail here at home. ive even stopped watching anime as much as before although i do have a litst of ones to watch. fall asleep in early morning hours and wake up at eleven to noon therefore eating meals s thrown off so ive surprisingly lost weight -.- which i really didnt need at all... to add to that my other health conditions have been acting up (only two though hehe) as well as my mental issues which remain unidentified. i


its been a week sice school ended, and look! I havent knawed my own legs off yet or clawed my throat out for that matter. speacial thanks to hammy for keeping me alive (hehe) and now only 9 more weeks till summer is over. im not sure how long ryrare is gonna be in a foreign land but it wont be all summer and hammy isnt flying north like a confused bird untill august so perhaps we will get our "special project" done in july =) WAIT FOR IT! and be sure to check out that little button in the top right that says more...  theres a chatbox under the store for you thingy and ou commercial and ryrare's (failure) music videos and us (but mostly them) singing into a fan   VOTE ON WHO SINGS BEST hehehe and i'll send my seagull army out if you ote for ryrare, that ton

another year, another bowl of cereal... or fifty... and now there is but one more day of final testing untill the extended break from education within the third season of the three-hundred-fifty-six day period AKA Summer Vacation. Since the other two "employees" of the site are gonna be gone (sob sob) we'll probably be taking a break on episodes and posting (well not me) and theres also a chance we'll have something special for you viewers when summer is over. For now, have a good break everyone and enjoy the new pic I've just made for the top thingy.

Every weekend, its practically two days of doing nothing without seeing your friends. TWO DAYS isnt that long, so how is one supposed to survive a whole summer? I feel like Roxas on the vacation day in 358/2 -.- Poor pathetic Norwood, you're such an otaku. YOU LIVE FOR ANIME AND VIDEO GAMES T.T Am i possibly that low-lifed? Someone boost my morale *sob sob* not even the ice cream man stops anymore, We even just heard him then he ran away... That Jerky *&%@$# huh? the *&%@$ keeps turning into some hyperlink type thing. IDK what it is but dont click it cuz idk if theres viruses or something. Alrighty ima go hunt down the ice cream dude again. Good luck, inter-web surfers!


Summer is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ryrare and Hammy are going far away =( I'm gonna be all alone -.- and its almost my b-day too... I'm turning old! Not really, like deterioration age minus 20 years. AND NOW IM SO BORED I dont even know what to do for my b-day (any suggestions??) and if you do have an idea, make it appropriate *cough* TDz *cough* FF *cough* blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dont know what i want either blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarght THE BOREDOM!!!!!!!! Jeez at the rate of my boredom eating, ill be super obese by the next school year...................................... ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○◙♂♀♪♫☼►◄↕‼ <- thats alt 19 =O   ¶§▬↨↑↓→←∟↔▲▼ !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@AB wow the alt code goes all the way to letters?! i like the double ! tho ‼‼‼‼ see the difference? ‼‼!!!!

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