We the You!
another year, another bowl of cereal... or fifty... and now there is but one more day of final testing untill the extended break from education within the third season of the three-hundred-fifty-six day period AKA Summer Vacation. Since the other two "employees" of the site are gonna be gone (sob sob) we'll probably be taking a break on episodes and posting (well not me) and theres also a chance we'll have something special for you viewers when summer is over. For now, have a good break everyone and enjoy the new pic I've just made for the top thingy.
6/9/2010 01:32:42 pm

Yeah there'll be a break in episodes, but as soon as we are all back WE ARE RECORDING THREE AND POSTING TO OFTHEM DARNIT!

6/10/2010 09:45:57 am

I'm not gonna be gone in the beginning of summer... I don't even know when I'm leaving yet. and im an employee???????? confused...oh well, yay tomorrow is the last day of school!


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