We the You!

School sucks... Homework sucks... Freezing classrooms suck... alright done with the summarized complaints =) of course now theres not much to write about... well my first post still gets record for the shortest one haha! anyway i am sort of excited though since the english version of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep comes out soon, hence the picture at the top ALSO old top pictures made by me will be under the picture gallery or whatever its called and theyll be the full versions too so check those out. ^_^ hope the english version is easier to beat than the japanese one, although its not hard to find out what youre supposed to do using special ability thingamabobs is like roulette. spell check on that? hmmmmm........... wonder if i should tell the interwebbing world that one important thing................................................... im not hyper enough to make myself type it so you will all remain shrouded in mystery muahahahaha. Thats it for now,

9/9/2010 11:55:48 pm


9/27/2010 11:17:20 am

pervsayyourface! nah jk was gonna tell the interwebbing world that thing about me not being normal (no duh) in the other way on top of everything else (your hint is | )


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