We the You!

Every weekend, its practically two days of doing nothing without seeing your friends. TWO DAYS isnt that long, so how is one supposed to survive a whole summer? I feel like Roxas on the vacation day in 358/2 -.- Poor pathetic Norwood, you're such an otaku. YOU LIVE FOR ANIME AND VIDEO GAMES T.T Am i possibly that low-lifed? Someone boost my morale *sob sob* not even the ice cream man stops anymore, We even just heard him then he ran away... That Jerky *&%@$# huh? the *&%@$ keeps turning into some hyperlink type thing. IDK what it is but dont click it cuz idk if theres viruses or something. Alrighty ima go hunt down the ice cream dude again. Good luck, inter-web surfers!

6/6/2010 01:43:58 pm

When I get back I'll make sure we hang out! the entire lunch group (if Gog would give me her number) *grumbe*

6/8/2010 02:42:28 pm

I'm prolly not gonna leave in June so we can hang out


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