We the You!
Okay, I'm gonna make this as quick as possible...I'm rly mad rite now cuz I had a rly good blog post and then the stupid internet stopped working before I could save it>:[ anyways, I was talking about how i was sorry for the neglect on my blog and the LONGEST TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY EVER about not getting the new videos up. The weather...has been sunny/rainy. First sunny, thn rainy, then sunny,then RAINY. -___-\\\ <_< i love faces:D But overall, it's been okay. and I'm so happy cuz spring break is almost here!^_^ oh and I'll try to post pics soon of me and Norwood in our cosplays, assuming that I don't forget my camera. Hopefully the other two update their blogs soon so that this site won't be as....__________ (fill in the blank)XDD yeah, i don't rly have anything else to say but if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask  and have a good spring break everyone!<3
Sorry everyone...I haven't had time to post  anything new this past week  cuz of  hw, projects..(yeah, the usual...) anyways, it's official that Norwood and I are going to be dressing as Zero and Yuki from Vampire Knight.:D We will try to post pics assuming that I don't forget to take them^_^00 and no, I thought it would be cool to make the costumes but i have no sewing skills whatsoever so that kills that idea.XDD uhh...oh and ppl, don't forget to turn ur clocks forward one hour(IT SUCKS, I KNOW) but we hafta do it otherwise we'll be late to whatever we hafta do tomorrow, and a couple days after that...yeah...and about the new episodes, we r still having a couple of problems posting so it might b a while before anyone sees anything new besides blog posts on here(I'm sry everyone) again^_^00 I hope that everyone has a great rest of their weekend and week after that and if anyone has any questions to ask, I'd be happy to answer them or u can ask Norwood or Ryrare. Doesn't matterXD One more thing, chocolate rules!:)
Hi everyone! I got bored and drew an anime pic of myself but it looks rly weird cuz i suck at shading so it kinda looks like i have streaks of gray hair^_^0000 but anyways, Ryrare and Norwood are working on getting the newest episode out. Trust me, once u guys see it, it will b hilarious. But I won't spoil itXD So...yep, that's about it, I hope that you guys watch it and make a ton of comments:) (Yes, I love comments cuz i love talking to ppl) Oh, one more thing, the reason why my pic looks like i have mittens is cuz i can't draw hands, they are the most EVIL things to draw:PPP but yeah...CANDY RULEZ!!!!

In my last post, I was talking about doing an anime cosplaying event and Norwood and I are agreeing to do the anime Vampire Knight. She wants to b Zero, and I'm planning on being Yuuki:) Who do u wanna b Ryrare? and No, Kaname is not a bad person...(well not rly)  he just has rly glowy red eyes....O_O it's kinda creepy...but anyways, we're trying to debate whether if we should make the costumes, or buy them. Both ways are hecka expensive..but yeah. hopefully the weather for this year's halloween is less cooler than last year....BUT It's prolly too early to be thinking that...WRONG!!! This decision requires a lot of thinking and aquerate calculations...wow, that sounded so sophisticated loool (note: i suck at math)  but who cares?? time to break out the sewing machine!^_^ *plugs it into the wall, turns on" CRASH.....-____-|||
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