We the You!
Okay, I'm gonna make this as quick as possible...I'm rly mad rite now cuz I had a rly good blog post and then the stupid internet stopped working before I could save it>:[ anyways, I was talking about how i was sorry for the neglect on my blog and the LONGEST TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY EVER about not getting the new videos up. The weather...has been sunny/rainy. First sunny, thn rainy, then sunny,then RAINY. -___-\\\ <_< i love faces:D But overall, it's been okay. and I'm so happy cuz spring break is almost here!^_^ oh and I'll try to post pics soon of me and Norwood in our cosplays, assuming that I don't forget my camera. Hopefully the other two update their blogs soon so that this site won't be as....__________ (fill in the blank)XDD yeah, i don't rly have anything else to say but if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask  and have a good spring break everyone!<3

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