We the You!
In my last post, I was talking about doing an anime cosplaying event and Norwood and I are agreeing to do the anime Vampire Knight. She wants to b Zero, and I'm planning on being Yuuki:) Who do u wanna b Ryrare? and No, Kaname is not a bad person...(well not rly)  he just has rly glowy red eyes....O_O it's kinda creepy...but anyways, we're trying to debate whether if we should make the costumes, or buy them. Both ways are hecka expensive..but yeah. hopefully the weather for this year's halloween is less cooler than last year....BUT It's prolly too early to be thinking that...WRONG!!! This decision requires a lot of thinking and aquerate calculations...wow, that sounded so sophisticated loool (note: i suck at math)  but who cares?? time to break out the sewing machine!^_^ *plugs it into the wall, turns on" CRASH.....-____-|||
3/3/2010 11:35:43 am

LIAR Kaname is super creepish, at 13 he was hitting on his 5yr old sister!!! creeeeper


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