We the You!
Sorry everyone...I haven't had time to post  anything new this past week  cuz of  hw, projects..(yeah, the usual...) anyways, it's official that Norwood and I are going to be dressing as Zero and Yuki from Vampire Knight.:D We will try to post pics assuming that I don't forget to take them^_^00 and no, I thought it would be cool to make the costumes but i have no sewing skills whatsoever so that kills that idea.XDD uhh...oh and ppl, don't forget to turn ur clocks forward one hour(IT SUCKS, I KNOW) but we hafta do it otherwise we'll be late to whatever we hafta do tomorrow, and a couple days after that...yeah...and about the new episodes, we r still having a couple of problems posting so it might b a while before anyone sees anything new besides blog posts on here(I'm sry everyone) again^_^00 I hope that everyone has a great rest of their weekend and week after that and if anyone has any questions to ask, I'd be happy to answer them or u can ask Norwood or Ryrare. Doesn't matterXD One more thing, chocolate rules!:)

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