We the You!

KYAH! THREE MORE WEEKS UNTIL SCHOOL GETS OUT FOR THE SUMMER! im so excited!!! this means ryrare will kidnap me and hammy to force us to film commericals a lot more! -.- refrence to the "our commercial" wich made my brother wet himself. BUT YEAH! i'm gonna be so bored over the summer...........~   IM BORED RIGHT NOW EVEN i found a fantastic anime but its relitively new so i have to wait weeks for new episodes WAAAAAAAA they leave me hanging every time and ill be up all night figuring out the plot of the next one based on bits of dialouge that serve as previews... hmm that may be interesting for somethign in the show RYRARE AND HAMMY READ MY LOGIC!! but what if we string together random bits of an episode and the viewers guess the plot... hmm pointless.... bleh i cant think things through! i know, i'll talk to myself for the rest of this post. WASSAP NORWOOD nothing much, you? nope nothing going on... hmm...

that didnt work either T.T ill just go die in a hole now... or maybe... nah, you viewers wouldnt want to know this brilliant idea, and if you do... say so =O see that thing at the top right of this post? yeah it says comments then a number. CLICK IT! CLICK IT

5/15/2010 12:50:33 pm

Hey "Norwood" guess who found you site... I'll give you a hint, its my name

5/17/2010 10:17:02 am

*wets self* please please please PLEASE take it easy on any personal comments T.T my life will get horrible now...


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