We the You!
Im alive!! and yet again im being a lazy poster and im home alone o.o so anyways im also playin metroid and eating junk food and i got touhou finally but fking sakuya keeps owning me and yadda yadda. im so bored and lazy, its no wonder im not fat. bleh ryrare is mad at me for never being on. sigh so in other news i dunno..... the site is kinda dying..... its kinda my fault too ~.~  ever since i told hammy that one thing and then ot a gf many months later and stuff we havent done anything... its star teasting now and thats real boring and easy... theres nothing to type about here =/ okay how about this, i've finally figured out my future! im gonna sit around and uh................. ///////////// be a wife -^_^- i love my gf so much ze!!!! Norwood out beecheeeeeees (?)
4/29/2011 12:45:58 pm

wtf? dont just rant on and on about ur gf THAT DOESNT EGT PAGE VIEWS!!! like what I do does >.> but still! beat metriod.. wait samus is a girl!?!?! hahahahah what us with the muiseplled beah?

5/1/2011 06:36:48 am

I don't even know what you're saying and I wasn't ranting about the gf this time! I talked about other things and I did beat metroid it's stupid touhou that I can't beat without continuing


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