We the You!
yeah so i spelled happay so that it rhymes with... something else... HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! well i noticed that i havent updated in a while and ryrare finally did something so HERES A NEW POST! not that i know what to rant about now.... i guess the winter is cold... and it rains a lot... oh and i finally got a drawing tablet!!!!!! perhaps ill post a picture (not on the top since i broke it T.T) when i find one that isnt strictly confidential or overly explicit XD  so where are all you viewers? hmm i forgot the acronym for when you all dissapear.... eh whatever. I MISS YOU GUYS!!! its no fun doing anything without someone else being there or watching... same applies for video games, i cant sit still on a playthrough without my brother or someone watching and making jokes the whole time. bleh.... us people working the site have yet to get together to make another episode so sorry about that too... we've all been busy i guess, hammy with hs, ryrare with... whatever billion things she does... and me with working to get money, finishing the many projects my dumbaaaaa-- history teacher assigns and doing my part as a member of the whatever group it is consisting of... five people total i think that are making a video game series!! we need more voiceover people though... and we havent started with the soundtrack.... HAMMY HURRY UP AND BE NOT BUSY SO YOU CAN COME MAKE THE SOUNDTRACK!!!!! okay yelling over.. but seriously everyone i advertise to seems to think that itll be released really soon and that we are already on a prototye or something when its gonna be a multiple-year project. we only just now finished brainstorming the layout of one of the three planets to be released originally x.x THAT MEANS YOU, WEASEL!! STOP FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE BLASTED MODELING ESPECIALLY FOR ONE OF THE LATER WORLDS!! okay yelling two done and im out of things to go on about.... first finished concept art to be posted here!! so keep coming viewers T.T

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