We the You!

Remember that strange outbreak of FITPO? well its hit hammy and ryrare =O they have somehow stopped posting and lack the motivation/free time to make more episodes (woo flaming th friends) and now off topic-ly (?) Im bored out of my mind. Thanks to a curious hammy and my ill-fated will, i have once again suffered through some more of possibly the scariest anime in existance.                   i cant even take a shower without freaking out now and i cringe every time i see a fingernail ~.~ nano desu--

What now? We need ideas! We are only THE You, not ARE You, we cannot decide things on our own!! I know that made no sence at all but just do something please!! I dont want to go insane!! I'll get affected by the Hinamizaw

9/27/2010 11:04:43 am

well many months later i see that it cut off, "Hinamazawa Syndrome!" end


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