We the You!
Just to clarify to those like Ryrare who dont understand the term, an easter egg isnt literally an egg its just a little extra hidden surprise and ive put one on the sit for the heck of it! under the comment thingamabob if you can name what page the easter egg is on and what shape it takes (like what is it? a square with a smiley face? thats not it by the way..) then you get a prize of some sort that ill think of later!!
Norwood (is a dork)
9/26/2010 09:11:25 am

i messed up the top of the site -.-'' i guess it doesnt matter since it seemed like nobody was looking for my hidden easter egg and if you were looking and couldnt find it HAHAHAHAHA okay but since fixing the site may be difficult and i dont want to have to hide another secret ill tell you people where and what it was. IT WAS LITERALLY AN EASTER EGG little transparent pink one in the bottom right corner of the banner over the episodes tab

11/18/2010 03:39:37 pm

newcomers Orla Martin, Alex Cromie, Kate McCauley, Orlaith Brennan, Ciaran Cairns, Tom Rodgers and Jamie Black all swam well and helped make up a great Lecale team. Their efforts weren’t in vain as final scores showed Lecale with 215 points

3/17/2011 11:16:35 am

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