We the You!
Everybody having a good weekend?
IF you are/n't letr us know by commenting
We have the strangest song in band (yes I'm in the school band, DEAL WITH IT!)
but you may (or may not, at least your parents have) have heard of thi song, Bohemien Phapsody, by queen, written by Freddi e MErcury, I have a video of the original song under the text. 
BUt we got9 rehersdals to get it right....
WHen he gave it to us
We have about five left...
We aren't going to be at our best
We got a song for the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW!
SAme arrangement too.
I though this was high school, why are we playing middle school songs?
WOw four months of WEtheyou!
EPisode should be up, next week cause this weekend is mothers day, so Im spending lots of time with her.

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