We the You!
Hello is anybody out there? *knocks from other side of screen* We don't have ANY page veiws today!
Well we don't blame you, the computers have turned against us! we are working through technical difficulties and we SHOULD be able to work through it all SOON! SHOULD is the KEY WORD!
Mythology is done *waaah* but new boook should come soon for english =D can'tr wait to finally start reading son of a witch in the mean time htough... I need to stop procrastingating do'nt you think, cause when you procrastinate you do stuff you don't NEEED to and you can start reambling while trying to stall for time and just it can seem like you are even swaisting other people's time as weell so I guess I better stop soon Huh. 

Comment so I can talk to you please! PLEASE!

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