We the You!

If you guys read Norwood's recent post, she mentioned that she had watched some new scary animes, luckily, I didn't get as scared cuz i turned the volume to mute:D so it didn't scare me as much. Norwood, you shouldn't be scared cuz none of that stuff really exists including torture methods, etc. Now the nails thing was like a real coincidence...I can't believe conversations about that actually came up, i was surprised...but anyways, don't be freaked, cuz Reggie will come and bark at all the ppl and scare them^_^, well at least the evil laughing people...Shion *cough cough* and any other ppl who may do that...if anyone can guess who Shion is from plz comment and if you get it right, you get an internet hug from meXD unless you'd rather have a cyber cookie, ur choice...im watching Gone With the Wind in core class, it's long but interesting...any fans? anyone?:/

6/3/2010 09:10:35 am

well it doesnt help that a certain someone from school who has yet to be mentioned by a fake name keeps bringing it up, and what happens if its keichi with his bat?! he'd beat reggie down!! and if its Satako w/ a shotgun!?!? or RENA AND CLEAVER!!!!!!!!

6/4/2010 04:10:14 pm

You hafta remember that it's all made up and nothing's gonna happen. Besides the chances of any of that happening is like .000000000000001% so no need to worry about it

6/5/2010 02:02:03 am

*psssssst* Hammy, that "1" that you included will freak her out.
Keep in mind that animes are not real

12/14/2010 03:40:11 pm

The sky gives space and peace and serenity


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