We the You!
Well I'm back now... that was depressing -.- but as it stands, ask away anything that comes to mind! I'm determined to keep my hyper attitude. wow if I end here, this will be really short... LETS DRAG IT OUT!!!!!!!!!! So anyway I have this crazy english teacher who wants a big project tomorrow even though i was just out mourning -.-`  i swear im gonna kill her one day. Ryrare's head shall be the murder weapon muahahaha.

well about the advice and such, i wont respond untill about a week from now. My grandma just died from brain hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain) so we are going to a memorial service. still post comment

alright so i thought I'd offer some advice for anyone who needs it, sorta like a school counselor but better =) ask away any question involving family, homework, coping with death, or suicide but dont ask about anything involving that boyfriend-girlfriend stuff. I've had a bad luck streak with that, first one turns out gay and the second dies -.- but oh well, i have certainly had my share of experiences and i hope to shed some light (irony!!) on any situations you may have. In fact, i can even give advice on what not to eat! Beef Broth is a huge no, it smells like vomit from when i was sick off salsa and it tastes almost as bad!!! as for paper, woo! eat as you like, it tastes fantastic. tin foil is alright too but i promised a friend i wouldnt eat it any more.
this is my attempted drawing of me eating dinner




Hi people!! I'm the best of this group *cough* so um... i lost my train of thought... hmm i could go for some chineese food right now so enjoy the rest of the site!! =)

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