We the You!
Okay so anyways, I'm sick, I caught a cold over the weekend and I've had to miss two days of school which is driving me crazy because I have two tests to make up and a ton of note that I need to copy from someoneT_T Despite that I don't like being at school, and I hate hw, I'd rather do it at home and actually know what I have to do rather than email all of my teachers and ask them and some don't reply within hours so I end up asking other ppl. Luckily, the hw load wasn't big at all today. I just have a project that I need to get done...Well besides all of this, everything has been interesting. The weather is changing so I'm happy about that. Camping over the weekend was a lot of fun too. I really liked how God helped everyone that weekend and yes I'm a christian. Sorry to share some of my religious views but I am and I'm happy I am. So, that's it I guess. I just thought that I would sort of put that out on my blog to sort of vent in some way.
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