We the You!
*sigh* its been a while... lately hammy and i have been busting our butts trying to make costumes for the convention held in san fran and its finally over for now =) it was loads of fun. hopefully some pics will be uploaded since they're all on her camera. =D we saw some other good costumes there too like a hand-made princess... idk how to spell it but the white haired chick from avatar (the airbender one) along with everyone from the shredder in TMNT, Shana from Shakugan no Shana, Ed and Al from fullmetal alchemist, oogie boogie from nightmare before xmas, LOADS of final fantasy chars, and even roxas =) a bunch of random people took pics of hammy and i as well, and hammy even got hugged by some person XD it was pretty funny
4/5/2010 10:55:19 am

True, it was tons of fun:) You forgot to mention that we finally got a pic of Snake as well. It took us forever to find him cuz he kept disappearing. There were actually two and we only found one, but oh well. and I know! this girl was like "I love ur cosplay!" *hugs* and I'm all like, that was random...


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