We the You!
first of all i'll appologise for being lazy on posting and proper capitalization or punctuation. im in a rather rushed mood even though im currently home alone. its kinda depressing here... for once its sunny with a couple odd clouds and no wind making it an ideal day but im still not satisfied. i recently got a girlfriend (finally!!!!) which im pretty happy about but one of the things we've tried to do three times now is see a good sunset. the first time, we were on the east side of the hill where her house is so we couldnt see a thing then we just missed it the couple other times. it wouldve been a perfect evening to see it now since its mostly clear but of course its a school night so we have no reason to see each other late at night. i swear there are some outside forces purposely trying to screw us up. ah well, even without seeing one of the most beautiful yet overlooked sights we are very happy =) well i am anyway.. ah great there i go depressing myself again *killself* *respawn* alright then! with other news..... well nothings really happened. its the new semester after finals and all that stuff and so grades tend to drop since there arent any other assignments to pull up the average. because of this, im doing pretty bad in almost all of my classes so i was grounded for a bit. i did manage to pull one up though which permitted me to see the gf yesterday to today but its really tough to bring up the others. blasted engineering class never reset the grades from last semester either so my solid D resulting from doing terrible on the final is stuck there forever (finals count as 20% of the total grade *sobs*)
2/24/2011 11:03:57 pm

"blasted?" WHat are we? BRITISH?

3/10/2011 02:48:20 pm

Of course not! What the bloody hell country drives on the left side of the road? Hehe


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