We the You!
Once again im stuck without a title name...
Alright! The stupid weather has finally decided to cool down which is pretty good i guess... or it would be if it would stop raining T.T its all wet outside and I'm freezing 24/7 now! All day yesterday i had on heavy socks, slippers, sweats, two shirts and a jacket but i was still cold! Blankets didnt help nor did standing in front of the open oven. Ryrare said to drink hot chocolate or coffee (bad idea) or tea ect. and those didnt work either o.o special thanks to the unnamed force that got me to sleep as well as my dog for warming up my feet some. Well i dont have much else to talk about.. ive got a huge history project to work on as well *killself* OH YEAH!!! IF ANYONE HAS BEEN TO ESTONIA PLEASE SAY SO CUZ I NEED TO INTERVIEW YOU!!!!!!! Alright and maybe I'll finally say the important thing..... but im afraid of an angry or violent reaction from Hammy........ T.T whatever I'll dedicate my next post to saying it BE PREPARED!!
10/18/2010 02:48:50 pm


Dnw ftw!! Lazyness...
10/19/2010 08:31:49 am

I don't wanna though >.< hammy may be mad again and plus dark be embarrased!! /////

10/19/2010 03:00:43 pm

It'll really depend on what it is, to determine on whether or not I get mad, I may not, so u might as well just say it

10/21/2010 03:16:53 pm


3/27/2011 01:31:47 pm

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