We the You!
Hooray! my favorite month because of the food and lack of school =) how was you people's halloween? Mine lacked many scary elements, we were too lazy to even put of decorations this year... well this is gonna be short since i have a book project due tomorrow that i havent started so *sigh* I'll say the important thing.... I kinda sorta have made the huge mistake of having a crush on somebody -.- please do help with advice if you can, cuz she has a boyfriend and everything and i feel so bad (all you idiots out there are probably going "gasp! SHE?!" so yeah...) i dont wanna go 4/4 on having no chance or i'll feel like such a loser XD
11/2/2010 12:44:27 pm

Just be yourself, and she seems rly nice so don't worry too much about it, try to stay confident and if she likes you back then yay! Still rootin' for ya!;)

11/3/2010 02:04:44 pm

You can do it norwood! I hope for the best.

11/4/2010 02:35:13 pm

Well, since any direction you take in this is gonna end with you being completely screwed over, just wing it :P

Lazy nw once again
11/5/2010 01:18:43 am

Oh gee poofer, thanks for the words of encouragement -.-" things actually turned out... Okay.

11/5/2010 02:14:36 am

yet @Norwood, you still sem to have no idea on how to answer a question directly.
Either way I hope you guys get along

11/5/2010 01:47:23 pm


11/19/2010 04:19:46 pm

surprise to Paul or many NU teammates when Evans, who turned 18 three weeks ago, replaced injured cornerback Alfonzo Dennard in the first quarter of Nebraska's 31-17 win Saturday over Missouri.

12/15/2010 03:50:17 pm

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12/22/2010 10:39:49 am

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