We the You!
Hey, if you saw the newest episode (hehe the first one) you may have noticed a little idiot in a red shirt. yep thats my sorry excuse for a brother. he's so immature XD he laughs when i write out the word fart. hmm so does ryrare, interesting. oh well, just thought i'd give him a little credit for helping us out. i think we will be at ryrare's pad next episode so see ya then ;P

FROM PUGGY (my brother):
Durf hi. It's me the freak being described in the paragraph above! I am as immature as Norwood says. Durfta-de-durf. Yes this is not Norwood typing  nooooobs. ^.^^.^^.^^.^
3/3/2011 09:56:05 am

A focus and concern on climate change is entirely appropriate.


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