We the You!
ah too bad i just missed the end of april, that wouldve been two in one month. just though id put a little effort in (not enough for proper grammar) to share some news and such as well as to ask for some advice if anyone reads this anymore RYRARE NO ADVICE FROM YOU THOUGH CUZ ITLL BE THE SAME IVE HEARD BEFORE alright so... i died yesterday... i went braindead for twenty seconds... it was really weird cuz its like the same as falling asleep o.o it did scare the crap out of a few people though but im too stubborn to die hehe, after thinking for a while i realize that the same thing has happened before when i was really little. isnt that kinda freaky? ive died twice before by definition (more times figuratively though) but i lived to tell the tale! if that makes any sence... hmm but this is a sure sign ill need to do something about my heart conditions soon wether it be medication to stop feelable symptoms or, as mom wants me to do, surgery x.x i dont want surgery! its so scary! its not like ill die but im not fond of the idea of having people poking around my heart after cutting through my chest and ripping open my ribcage WHILE im still alive. if i die for good and stay dead for a year then they can do whatever they want but not now.
5/1/2011 02:17:43 pm

You should take meds or get surgery, a heart condition is serious and if u don't care if you die then you should at least care about ur family and friends and what they will go through if you die

5/2/2011 02:01:26 pm

Don't even talk to me about friends and family, I use them constantly to stop myself from comitting suicide. I don't want to die just yet either now that I have someone to live for ^_^


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