We the You!
its cuz its hard to think of a title for a post especially if the post is at random and you havent the slightest clue what youre gonna write... however this is norwood, so this will probably be more complaining XD about history especially, we have a huge europe project that requires an interview of someone from your country (mine is Estonia!) listening to two songs from that country not including the national anthem, watching a film from your country, AND READING A BOOK!!!!! i cant read!! no not really, BUT I CANT READ ESTONIAN!!!! i strongly dislike history... on the contrary i love english this year =) shows how much the teacher makes a difference. CRAP! i was gonna say something else on that subject but forgot... oh well next is... well, lately ive been trying to keep up on my anime list but i havent had much time to watch a bunch of episodes since my brother has been on the computer a bunch. Instead, ive had to start drawing in my free time and those are not suitable for any sane person. hehehe very inapropriate things happen when i put my thoughts down on paper, and these are DRAWINGS which makes it much worse wohohohoho... i use the dot dot dot a lot... see... bleh next subject... crap again! i think i already went over this one but the dumb site editor wont let me look at the other posts without deleting this one!! IT WONT LET ME CHANGE THE PIC AT THE TOP EITHER T.T i spent all sunday making a Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha pic for the top and now it wont let me upoad it x.x well this is getting longish and im afraid that when i click the post button itll cut off again so i guess ill end it soon without saying that important thing again CUZ IVE GOT NO GUTS!! talk to you viewers in a week or so when i remember to post again, look both ways before crossing the street... and dont play with flandre... or fire... and dont do drugs! (hypocrite with pain killers x.x) and practice safe -----------hehehe
-edit- it did cut off huh? oh well it said practice safe ------------ at the end XD that means you RYRARE!! jk, i dont care, i try to avoid the male species

-edit 2- it didnt cut off... i feel stupid
11/7/2010 11:25:27 am

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