We the You!
ah too bad i just missed the end of april, that wouldve been two in one month. just though id put a little effort in (not enough for proper grammar) to share some news and such as well as to ask for some advice if anyone reads this anymore RYRARE NO ADVICE FROM YOU THOUGH CUZ ITLL BE THE SAME IVE HEARD BEFORE alright so... i died yesterday... i went braindead for twenty seconds... it was really weird cuz its like the same as falling asleep o.o it did scare the crap out of a few people though but im too stubborn to die hehe, after thinking for a while i realize that the same thing has happened before when i was really little. isnt that kinda freaky? ive died twice before by definition (more times figuratively though) but i lived to tell the tale! if that makes any sence... hmm but this is a sure sign ill need to do something about my heart conditions soon wether it be medication to stop feelable symptoms or, as mom wants me to do, surgery x.x i dont want surgery! its so scary! its not like ill die but im not fond of the idea of having people poking around my heart after cutting through my chest and ripping open my ribcage WHILE im still alive. if i die for good and stay dead for a year then they can do whatever they want but not now.
Im alive!! and yet again im being a lazy poster and im home alone o.o so anyways im also playin metroid and eating junk food and i got touhou finally but fking sakuya keeps owning me and yadda yadda. im so bored and lazy, its no wonder im not fat. bleh ryrare is mad at me for never being on. sigh so in other news i dunno..... the site is kinda dying..... its kinda my fault too ~.~  ever since i told hammy that one thing and then ot a gf many months later and stuff we havent done anything... its star teasting now and thats real boring and easy... theres nothing to type about here =/ okay how about this, i've finally figured out my future! im gonna sit around and uh................. ///////////// be a wife -^_^- i love my gf so much ze!!!! Norwood out beecheeeeeees (?)
first of all i'll appologise for being lazy on posting and proper capitalization or punctuation. im in a rather rushed mood even though im currently home alone. its kinda depressing here... for once its sunny with a couple odd clouds and no wind making it an ideal day but im still not satisfied. i recently got a girlfriend (finally!!!!) which im pretty happy about but one of the things we've tried to do three times now is see a good sunset. the first time, we were on the east side of the hill where her house is so we couldnt see a thing then we just missed it the couple other times. it wouldve been a perfect evening to see it now since its mostly clear but of course its a school night so we have no reason to see each other late at night. i swear there are some outside forces purposely trying to screw us up. ah well, even without seeing one of the most beautiful yet overlooked sights we are very happy =) well i am anyway.. ah great there i go depressing myself again *killself* *respawn* alright then! with other news..... well nothings really happened. its the new semester after finals and all that stuff and so grades tend to drop since there arent any other assignments to pull up the average. because of this, im doing pretty bad in almost all of my classes so i was grounded for a bit. i did manage to pull one up though which permitted me to see the gf yesterday to today but its really tough to bring up the others. blasted engineering class never reset the grades from last semester either so my solid D resulting from doing terrible on the final is stuck there forever (finals count as 20% of the total grade *sobs*)
WAAAAH now im gonna write the wrong date on everything T.T whatever... well anyway i've been having some trouble with some things. first of all i lack the motivation to use propper grammar and spelling as well as not caring to capitalize unless its an exclamation... thats not important. whats really been bothering me is that im trying to make a soundtrack for a special project of mine which requires making music. so far i have a program called fruity loops but its only the demo so i cant save so if anyone (if there is an anyone) knows of an audio recording device that you can record right off the computer from id like to know that (just post it in comments) or if you know another program you can make up yer own music and such with that would be amazing cuz i dunno what the hellicopter im doing with this one XD. as for the rest of the project its fairly easy to do and im posting a little creatures page here. these are just designs or concepts or whatever you feel like calling them. actual models are gonna take a long time to do... thats all thats happened really besides my increasingly strange dreams but most of them are innapropriate to put on a site like this where young children and hammy could see them. ehh.. nevermind about the creatures thing cuz not only has the top picture forsaken me but it looks like i cant upload any picture from the computer here now *watery eyes*
yeah so i spelled happay so that it rhymes with... something else... HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! well i noticed that i havent updated in a while and ryrare finally did something so HERES A NEW POST! not that i know what to rant about now.... i guess the winter is cold... and it rains a lot... oh and i finally got a drawing tablet!!!!!! perhaps ill post a picture (not on the top since i broke it T.T) when i find one that isnt strictly confidential or overly explicit XD  so where are all you viewers? hmm i forgot the acronym for when you all dissapear.... eh whatever. I MISS YOU GUYS!!! its no fun doing anything without someone else being there or watching... same applies for video games, i cant sit still on a playthrough without my brother or someone watching and making jokes the whole time. bleh.... us people working the site have yet to get together to make another episode so sorry about that too... we've all been busy i guess, hammy with hs, ryrare with... whatever billion things she does... and me with working to get money, finishing the many projects my dumbaaaaa-- history teacher assigns and doing my part as a member of the whatever group it is consisting of... five people total i think that are making a video game series!! we need more voiceover people though... and we havent started with the soundtrack.... HAMMY HURRY UP AND BE NOT BUSY SO YOU CAN COME MAKE THE SOUNDTRACK!!!!! okay yelling over.. but seriously everyone i advertise to seems to think that itll be released really soon and that we are already on a prototye or something when its gonna be a multiple-year project. we only just now finished brainstorming the layout of one of the three planets to be released originally x.x THAT MEANS YOU, WEASEL!! STOP FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE BLASTED MODELING ESPECIALLY FOR ONE OF THE LATER WORLDS!! okay yelling two done and im out of things to go on about.... first finished concept art to be posted here!! so keep coming viewers T.T
I think I'm going to start making the titles of posts just some landmark event that's sort of self explanatory. I guess that makes giving up on rational titles the landmark for today... and now theres not much to talk about... 'Kay so we started reading A Midnights Summer Dream or something like that ( i think i misplaced the mid ) in class and its... i dont even know how to describe it.. theres nothing wrong with the play or anything but my class is the most immature bunch of guys ever! There are around 33 kids or something and only 5 are girls x.x its like a testoserone armageddon waiting to happen. They all crack up every time the word "bosom" comes up its annoying. To top it off, they seem to find eh.. dirty references in every sentence even when its as clean as can possibly be written. Stupid male species, always having bad things on their minds... i should ask ryrare whats up with that XD only kidding. Hmm..... I'll go for a long post today too since I have Algebra 2 homework to be not doing. MORE COMPLAINTS!!! The editor thingamajig for the site wont let me upload any pictures to the top now T.T I had a Nanoha one done, Bamboo Blade started and one other i cant remember and am too lazy to look up really fast. I couldve done a Touhou one too that was based on personality even..... I think i would make Hammy be either Reimu (minus the donation box obsession) or Remillia because of her responsible..ness? and Ryrare would be Aya for sure!! Then maybe I'd be Ran or Alice, so long as its the interpretation of Alice that gets nosebleeds a lot hehehe. Well now I'm out of things to say and i guess i should go but..... OH YEAH! Gog who appeared once in the episodes and said practically nothing and I made a Deviantart!! Its either J-LRandomosity or L-JRandomosity i cant remember heh.. as of now I've put up most of the drawings there, just little things i do during class except the big ol' hyena looking one, that one we both drew and its pretty cool looking.
Hooray! my favorite month because of the food and lack of school =) how was you people's halloween? Mine lacked many scary elements, we were too lazy to even put of decorations this year... well this is gonna be short since i have a book project due tomorrow that i havent started so *sigh* I'll say the important thing.... I kinda sorta have made the huge mistake of having a crush on somebody -.- please do help with advice if you can, cuz she has a boyfriend and everything and i feel so bad (all you idiots out there are probably going "gasp! SHE?!" so yeah...) i dont wanna go 4/4 on having no chance or i'll feel like such a loser XD
Once again im stuck without a title name...
Alright! The stupid weather has finally decided to cool down which is pretty good i guess... or it would be if it would stop raining T.T its all wet outside and I'm freezing 24/7 now! All day yesterday i had on heavy socks, slippers, sweats, two shirts and a jacket but i was still cold! Blankets didnt help nor did standing in front of the open oven. Ryrare said to drink hot chocolate or coffee (bad idea) or tea ect. and those didnt work either o.o special thanks to the unnamed force that got me to sleep as well as my dog for warming up my feet some. Well i dont have much else to talk about.. ive got a huge history project to work on as well *killself* OH YEAH!!! IF ANYONE HAS BEEN TO ESTONIA PLEASE SAY SO CUZ I NEED TO INTERVIEW YOU!!!!!!! Alright and maybe I'll finally say the important thing..... but im afraid of an angry or violent reaction from Hammy........ T.T whatever I'll dedicate my next post to saying it BE PREPARED!!
its cuz its hard to think of a title for a post especially if the post is at random and you havent the slightest clue what youre gonna write... however this is norwood, so this will probably be more complaining XD about history especially, we have a huge europe project that requires an interview of someone from your country (mine is Estonia!) listening to two songs from that country not including the national anthem, watching a film from your country, AND READING A BOOK!!!!! i cant read!! no not really, BUT I CANT READ ESTONIAN!!!! i strongly dislike history... on the contrary i love english this year =) shows how much the teacher makes a difference. CRAP! i was gonna say something else on that subject but forgot... oh well next is... well, lately ive been trying to keep up on my anime list but i havent had much time to watch a bunch of episodes since my brother has been on the computer a bunch. Instead, ive had to start drawing in my free time and those are not suitable for any sane person. hehehe very inapropriate things happen when i put my thoughts down on paper, and these are DRAWINGS which makes it much worse wohohohoho... i use the dot dot dot a lot... see... bleh next subject... crap again! i think i already went over this one but the dumb site editor wont let me look at the other posts without deleting this one!! IT WONT LET ME CHANGE THE PIC AT THE TOP EITHER T.T i spent all sunday making a Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha pic for the top and now it wont let me upoad it x.x well this is getting longish and im afraid that when i click the post button itll cut off again so i guess ill end it soon without saying that important thing again CUZ IVE GOT NO GUTS!! talk to you viewers in a week or so when i remember to post again, look both ways before crossing the street... and dont play with flandre... or fire... and dont do drugs! (hypocrite with pain killers x.x) and practice safe -----------hehehe
-edit- it did cut off huh? oh well it said practice safe ------------ at the end XD that means you RYRARE!! jk, i dont care, i try to avoid the male species

-edit 2- it didnt cut off... i feel stupid
Just to clarify to those like Ryrare who dont understand the term, an easter egg isnt literally an egg its just a little extra hidden surprise and ive put one on the sit for the heck of it! under the comment thingamabob if you can name what page the easter egg is on and what shape it takes (like what is it? a square with a smiley face? thats not it by the way..) then you get a prize of some sort that ill think of later!!
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