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the title of this post remains blank because there is no english word broad enough to describe everything that will be covered in this post. First of all, how do you guys like the new pic at the top? I made it =) and it even ties in with it being pacman's b-day a few days ago (i didnt even think about that untill yesterday) Second, I've noticed that the comments are starting to become long conversations hehe, so if any of you know how to make like some long chatroom type thing please share (it will make the typing of angry arguements between me Ryrare and TDz much easier since we dont see eachother normally) and third... I dont have any melon bread left T.T I ate it all..................................I feel so alone now *rocks back and forth on floor* Especially since our viewers are gone T.T ag

5/26/2010 11:19:25 am

I know how to add a chatroom, want me to I might be able to tomarrow?


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