We the You!
I think I'm going to start making the titles of posts just some landmark event that's sort of self explanatory. I guess that makes giving up on rational titles the landmark for today... and now theres not much to talk about... 'Kay so we started reading A Midnights Summer Dream or something like that ( i think i misplaced the mid ) in class and its... i dont even know how to describe it.. theres nothing wrong with the play or anything but my class is the most immature bunch of guys ever! There are around 33 kids or something and only 5 are girls x.x its like a testoserone armageddon waiting to happen. They all crack up every time the word "bosom" comes up its annoying. To top it off, they seem to find eh.. dirty references in every sentence even when its as clean as can possibly be written. Stupid male species, always having bad things on their minds... i should ask ryrare whats up with that XD only kidding. Hmm..... I'll go for a long post today too since I have Algebra 2 homework to be not doing. MORE COMPLAINTS!!! The editor thingamajig for the site wont let me upload any pictures to the top now T.T I had a Nanoha one done, Bamboo Blade started and one other i cant remember and am too lazy to look up really fast. I couldve done a Touhou one too that was based on personality even..... I think i would make Hammy be either Reimu (minus the donation box obsession) or Remillia because of her responsible..ness? and Ryrare would be Aya for sure!! Then maybe I'd be Ran or Alice, so long as its the interpretation of Alice that gets nosebleeds a lot hehehe. Well now I'm out of things to say and i guess i should go but..... OH YEAH! Gog who appeared once in the episodes and said practically nothing and I made a Deviantart!! Its either J-LRandomosity or L-JRandomosity i cant remember heh.. as of now I've put up most of the drawings there, just little things i do during class except the big ol' hyena looking one, that one we both drew and its pretty cool looking.
Hooray! my favorite month because of the food and lack of school =) how was you people's halloween? Mine lacked many scary elements, we were too lazy to even put of decorations this year... well this is gonna be short since i have a book project due tomorrow that i havent started so *sigh* I'll say the important thing.... I kinda sorta have made the huge mistake of having a crush on somebody -.- please do help with advice if you can, cuz she has a boyfriend and everything and i feel so bad (all you idiots out there are probably going "gasp! SHE?!" so yeah...) i dont wanna go 4/4 on having no chance or i'll feel like such a loser XD
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