We the You!

School sucks... Homework sucks... Freezing classrooms suck... alright done with the summarized complaints =) of course now theres not much to write about... well my first post still gets record for the shortest one haha! anyway i am sort of excited though since the english version of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep comes out soon, hence the picture at the top ALSO old top pictures made by me will be under the picture gallery or whatever its called and theyll be the full versions too so check those out. ^_^ hope the english version is easier to beat than the japanese one, although its not hard to find out what youre supposed to do using special ability thingamabobs is like roulette. spell check on that? hmmmmm........... wonder if i should tell the interwebbing world that one important thing................................................... im not hyper enough to make myself type it so you will all remain shrouded in mystery muahahahaha. Thats it for now,


SCHOOLS STARTING! its so terrible, ill have to wake up early every day and theres homework and projects and stuff T.T only upside is seeing some of my favorite people close to every day. I DID get into this engineering academy at school though so thats an acomplishment......... but lack of sleep is murder and itll be really bad if i cant stand my teachers again. things could be worse i guess, they coudve screwed up my schedule and gave me cardio fitness instead of chemistry (id kill myself) -.-'' another bad thing is i wont be seeing hammy during the week AND HAMMY YOU START A DAY LATER YOU EVIL PERSON!!! i guess that also means itll be close to impossible to even start making that movie idea we had unless i make models of us in anime form and make it an animated feature but even then we have to do voice acting and im only good at storyboards, not dialogue... well i guess i could do my own being a serial killer myself muahaha but i dunno how a genius detectives mind works.
Wish me luck on tests and I'll do the same for you!! Thanks to all/an

Summer is almost over T.T so much for filming before school started... and its a day earlier than last year for Ryrare and I -.-" well, i hope to be doing a bit more for the site regarding posts and the top thing (strawberry panic uniforms on us =D) *sigh* well i posted for the sake of posting but i have nothing to say....... 
oh I know! give  me some ideas for the next time i change the top, EX name an anime with a neat uniform or outfit or whatever and the person you want i 
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