We the You!
Check it out! I spent a few hours changing colors by close to one itty bitty pixel at a time and painstakingly made about a million different hues and made an anime picture of myself with shorter hair (I'll be getting it cut short soon muahaha) using Kagura from Azumanga Daioh for basic shape of the eyes and hands (HANDS SUCK TO DRAW)
 It took forever hehe, and i wouldve changed the clothes to more lively colors if i had time before dinner. THIS PHOTO IS COPYRIGHTED kinda BY ME, ITS MY OWN CHARACTER DESPITE THE SIMILARITIES TO ANY LIVING OR DECEASED ANIME CHARACTER if you pull up a picture side by side youll see the differences too. T.T i wish people could really have that awesome spiky hair that always stays the same style like in animes. Dinner time now, so bye to you people who arent eating chicken and potatoes! =3
(why do the numbers on this site seem to be a line lower than letters?)


how come in the word Iscolation, the first syllable is ICE yet when its summer and most students are iscolated from their friends its ot as heck?! i think its been about four weeks since school got out but it feels like forever! due to the seperation we havent got any filming done either which is a setback. I've mostly been spending my dayd lyig around, swimming, trying to contact ryrare in her far away place or been working for a bit. I still dont know when i start tutoring but im not looking foward to it -.- i have the feeling the kid will hate/be afraid of me. my lazyness keeps me from going out and doing anything so its really like a jail here at home. ive even stopped watching anime as much as before although i do have a litst of ones to watch. fall asleep in early morning hours and wake up at eleven to noon therefore eating meals s thrown off so ive surprisingly lost weight -.- which i really didnt need at all... to add to that my other health conditions have been acting up (only two though hehe) as well as my mental issues which remain unidentified. i

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