We the You!

Remember that strange outbreak of FITPO? well its hit hammy and ryrare =O they have somehow stopped posting and lack the motivation/free time to make more episodes (woo flaming th friends) and now off topic-ly (?) Im bored out of my mind. Thanks to a curious hammy and my ill-fated will, i have once again suffered through some more of possibly the scariest anime in existance.                   i cant even take a shower without freaking out now and i cringe every time i see a fingernail ~.~ nano desu--

What now? We need ideas! We are only THE You, not ARE You, we cannot decide things on our own!! I know that made no sence at all but just do something please!! I dont want to go insane!! I'll get affected by the Hinamizaw



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the title of this post remains blank because there is no english word broad enough to describe everything that will be covered in this post. First of all, how do you guys like the new pic at the top? I made it =) and it even ties in with it being pacman's b-day a few days ago (i didnt even think about that untill yesterday) Second, I've noticed that the comments are starting to become long conversations hehe, so if any of you know how to make like some long chatroom type thing please share (it will make the typing of angry arguements between me Ryrare and TDz much easier since we dont see eachother normally) and third... I dont have any melon bread left T.T I ate it all..................................I feel so alone now *rocks back and forth on floor* Especially since our viewers are gone T.T ag

Waaaaaaaaa I did the dumbest thing i the world the other night. I stayed up around 2am bored then decided to watch some anime. Normally, I do this all the time but it was the anime that was the problem.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ITS SO SCARY FOR A PTSD HEMEPHOBE (spelling?) EEEEEEEEERP... never ever watch that anime at night.

Wahahahahaha (Minorin's laugh) I went with friends to some place that sold some stuff and i bought something AMAZAZAZING!            _    _        ___        .        ___        _
                                             /  \/  \      ---           |       |      |      |  \ |
                                           /             \    ___        __    ___      |     |          Pan (or melon bread for those who cannot read big dash-ey letters that result from my abundance of spare time and impatience)

Its so yummay! I

the title of this post says it all...

see the new episode in which this is proven when he publishes it... eventually
There is an interesting thing going on with the site right now... it almost seems like our viewers have dissapeared =O OH NO! Where have you all gone?! I dont remember eating any of you, so are you just being quiet? GIVE US A SIGN If you are still surviving out there, PLEASE! Okay, the begging is over, but seriously where is everyone? If we're losing our funny (is that proper grammar? screw it if it isnt) then say something, not dissapperate. And if the reason one or many of you have gone is because Hammy's certain mafia with knee socks got to you (cyber-cookies to who gets the reference) then at least post a call for help. We need to decrease this outbreak of FITPO (the title of this post) before its too late!!!! YOU PEOPLE MUST SURVIVE, WE NEED YOU TO ROVIDE BRAINS FOR OUR ZOMBIE ARMY WE ARE CREATING TO INVADE THE PHANTOM ZONE! No, thats a lie. Zombies are too stupid to make an army, all they do is drool and go "Durf, brainz" like my brother. We are actually making an army of Seagulls invade the phantom zone because seagulls are good at aerial combat and are expert bombers. BEWARE GHOSTS! MY SEAGULLS SHALL TEAR DOWN THE WALLS OF YOUR WORLD AND RELEASE THE SPIRITS OF THE DEAD BACK INTO THIS WORLD! If you think this is redbull (bullsh'') then just watch your television! The [insert type of ruler here (ie: dictator)] will have a public service announcement saying that [insert country name here (ie:Dolphinoidutopiatopoliscancarta)] will be launching a full-scale assault on the ghosts of the earth. That is a lie too, Dolphinoidutopiatopoliscancarta isnt a country, its an underwater civilization of the dolphinoids (human-dolphin hybrids) whose advanced technology that is shared with the mole people allows their home to be hidden to radar and the human eye. However if you are a fish, you can visit there on a vacation, currents are open 24/7 and an in-whale transport costs 57 sea dollars. Do not ask how i came of this knowlegde, i just have connections ⌐.⌐

oh and my new favorite letter is the dot ••••••• hehe•     º•º  i can make a new face with it

KYAH! THREE MORE WEEKS UNTIL SCHOOL GETS OUT FOR THE SUMMER! im so excited!!! this means ryrare will kidnap me and hammy to force us to film commericals a lot more! -.- refrence to the "our commercial" wich made my brother wet himself. BUT YEAH! i'm gonna be so bored over the summer...........~   IM BORED RIGHT NOW EVEN i found a fantastic anime but its relitively new so i have to wait weeks for new episodes WAAAAAAAA they leave me hanging every time and ill be up all night figuring out the plot of the next one based on bits of dialouge that serve as previews... hmm that may be interesting for somethign in the show RYRARE AND HAMMY READ MY LOGIC!! but what if we string together random bits of an episode and the viewers guess the plot... hmm pointless.... bleh i cant think things through! i know, i'll talk to myself for the rest of this post. WASSAP NORWOOD nothing much, you? nope nothing going on... hmm...

that didnt work either T.T ill just go die in a hole now... or maybe... nah, you viewers wouldnt want to know this brilliant idea, and if you do... say so =O see that thing at the top right of this post? yeah it says comments then a number. CLICK IT! CLICK IT

The other day, my mom approached me with shocking news about my grades. I wasnt failing! So then she signed me up to tutor her old roommate's daughter over the summer in math -.- it shouldnt be too hard but it'll take away my sleeping time and what do i do when i dont know how to sole a 5th grade math problem!? ~sigh~ the moral of this story is that my favorite letter is the squig ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
can you tell?                                                                                                                                                                      I cant...
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