We the You!
WAAAAH now im gonna write the wrong date on everything T.T whatever... well anyway i've been having some trouble with some things. first of all i lack the motivation to use propper grammar and spelling as well as not caring to capitalize unless its an exclamation... thats not important. whats really been bothering me is that im trying to make a soundtrack for a special project of mine which requires making music. so far i have a program called fruity loops but its only the demo so i cant save so if anyone (if there is an anyone) knows of an audio recording device that you can record right off the computer from id like to know that (just post it in comments) or if you know another program you can make up yer own music and such with that would be amazing cuz i dunno what the hellicopter im doing with this one XD. as for the rest of the project its fairly easy to do and im posting a little creatures page here. these are just designs or concepts or whatever you feel like calling them. actual models are gonna take a long time to do... thats all thats happened really besides my increasingly strange dreams but most of them are innapropriate to put on a site like this where young children and hammy could see them. ehh.. nevermind about the creatures thing cuz not only has the top picture forsaken me but it looks like i cant upload any picture from the computer here now *watery eyes*
Ryrare that doesnt care to log in
1/9/2011 01:09:23 pm


1/15/2011 08:32:56 am

It's seriously not gonna scar me.

1/15/2011 11:04:47 pm

@hammy For all we know they might

1/22/2011 09:05:01 am

@ryrare. Don't even ask
@hammy. Trust me if they didn't scar you then you'd loose what little trust you still have in me which I cling to desperately

1/25/2011 10:57:37 am

Love you and Support you forever~~~!


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