We the You!
NOw I know this is going to be a short post but i figured sins none of us has updated or commented for a while somebody had ta do it, so I guess its gonna be me.  By the way to explain the last post at the end the italics were chasing me,

why do we have shoe laces.  I mean, remember back in elementary shcoool how they had the straps, or even better the slip on shoes.  Htye worked much better and take less time.  You spend years of your life doing nothing but tying your shoes.  If everyone’s always complaining about time and stuff, why don’t they do something about it and get strapless shoes.  That’s it, if im ever president I will outlaw laced shoes, for they are dysfunctional beyond reason.  And another thing, why if we abbreviate things, do we have the full word for them anyways?
7/31/2010 12:16:26 pm

Well abbreviations are an innovation like laceless shoes made to save time. An you can also just slip on shoelaced shoes like I do. Tie em once and you never have to again untill the next pair

7/31/2010 03:58:25 pm

crud, I didnt realive i said i would outlaw them if i were president, that was just a quote from a story im writing, opps, *scratches back of head*
but you hafta admit it was kinda funny

11/26/2010 09:55:07 am

This is a responsibility of love and protection!


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