We the You!
When i come sto track i am a beast/ ninja in skillz levels tontas!!!
You are normally limited to 4 event so u dont hurt urself.  but this time i decided to go all out bc it it teh (mascot here) cup wher we represent our grade an nt the school adn we were short on people so i ran 6 tontas, me escuchaste?! 6!!!!

and I got a top 3 placing in most of them

some bc i could t go lower but heeey!! points for the class is good no matter how they r made

I ran the fat mans 4x1 bc im a thrower and thats what we call it bc were all fat compared to the rest of the skinny team we beat the boys
the wihtout a rest i ran the mile  got second for the girls
then i rested for a while and then ran 100 meters getting 4th in my heat

the I ran the 200 meters got 3rd
then 2 miles getting third and wihtout rest straight to STARTING the 4x400 meters (one lap four people) (and i finished the 3200 (two miles) last so it was change shoes and clothes and run again ( iwa still sweating)
then i went from getting 3rd in that to running to get 2nd in shopt put while still sweating form the races

I am a beast I would ahve done a 7th event but they stopeed long jump rightn then I love Track and field

3/10/2011 02:46:04 pm

I swear it's like you aren't speaking English sometimes XD

4/26/2011 04:12:18 pm

Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone.

4/30/2011 07:58:38 pm

Having read this material, I have learned for myself a lot of the new. Thanks


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