We the You!
I saw the strangest thing while wandering in CVS, 


They already have the caloric one, and the non caloric one, so THEY MAKE ONE WITH only ONE calorie?
WHats up with that.  
People always complain to m about the diet soda taste, but I have fortunatly never tasted the difference
THen again I drink so little soda that, why would I

ANd if your wondering why someone who doesnt really drink soda is wandering the the soda Isle, I was looking for green tea already bottled, because making room temperature at home takes forever ( ITS STILL NOT DONE TURNING GREENISH) Maybe I should have warmed it up and put ice in it after it mied or somehting
Oh well too late now

On another note, something funny and one of those yeah right like that'll happen commercials that use your mind to sell their product

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