We the You!
wetheyou.weebly.com now has a chatroom feature. 
GO check out the what's in store for you Tab under more...
NOw instead of having endlessly long comments, (which were nice to have btw) we can have a constant conversation
now I need to think of a way to get upto 150 words, (don't ask) (ok you can)
I'm looking at google trends (did you know there is a two year old that smokes?! idot parents in that case, you can really blame a 2-year-old.  ) but one of the hot searches is for yellow jackets, so I stare at the computer wondering, WHY IS EVRYONE OBSESSED WITH BEES! NO turnS oUT THat  It iS soMe soRt of bAnd.  ( i will capatalize anywhere I want to Norwood!)
Hold on I got my facts wrong, its just a basquetball camp, I thinking about sting! hehe I mean Sting the singer that used to bo on the Police, tha band, not the you know actual police
Yea I guess that's it, next post will be letting you know about the episode. 

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