We the You!
 Sesquipedalian  -- person who uses big words

Sooooooo I suppose that means that onl sesquipedalians are going to use that word...
Does that make me one?


Anyways, DId you know we are on facebook?
NO! Egad wo/man!

FOllow this link to like us,

And if you don't like us, suggest us to your enemies...
But if you do, suggest it to your friends...
I guess your enemies too...
 JUst, we need more viewers,
we are struggling here! BUt we are getting more page/ individual viewers, so do us a favor and check this site once everyday so we get a huge ego boost!

Or if you hate us spam us trough the form subbmision, (that thing at the bottome of the home page and episodes page
if you do, well try to let you know when episodes come out,
anybody, like photography?
you know pictures,
well I'm going to take lots of pictures and see if I can sell them, NAy Ideas of what to take pictures of (note it cannot be people)
AHhh! my fence just move, but no one is there
 Abuela? (grandma)

Why did I write this? OH, right,
Has anybody checked out the comercial
Teasers for the next thee, yes three next partially edited episodes, first one should be out some time next week,

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