We the You!
Has anyone actually read the "author" bio?
Yeah didn't think so, so if you could peruse it for a moment

I can wait...

Ok now that you have, you know I love broadway, "Unlimited..."  STOP IT IDINA MENZEL STUCK IN MY HEAD!

anyways, I currently have a Fan fic (fiction by fans (aka what fans wished had happened in or after the story)
I currently am working on "you naughty little boy, shame on you" Though I know that sounds, well creepy, It is just a very, very bad title that does not reflect the story, AFter the read more I have an excerpt, please check it out on the site and read and review!

Also, since you will have forgotten it , skim throught the author bio again *that way* >>>>>>

I am a narutotard, check my author page there, again under Ryrare, I have a complete NAruto Fan FIc, PLease R& R

The phantom's mother was screaming.


It was annoying the baby, his head sticking out of the towel. He had a lovely face. On the left. The right, not so much. He began croaking like a frog. She passed out. He looked at the man standing next to the table, looking at him in horror. "Its obscene," the man whispered to the nurse.

He took the baby and pulled the towel over the right half of his face. Though he was too young it felt like he was squirming away from him. "call me dada." He said. "Not on your lifetime," the baby thought.
His mother stopped screaming. "Hon?" the man asked massaging the ring on his finger, "I have the perfect name for him. Erik."
On his fifth birthday, Erik sat sadly in front of a cake. The man he called father blew out the candle for the hooded child. He was wearing the mask his mother gave him, though it was covered by his thick black hair that draped over his face. His nose was the first thing you could see of him. "now, son, I have a great gift for you so you can begin to go to school and look somewhat normal. Here," he handed the sour faced chilled an array of paints. "So you can blend in." he continued.

Erik slowly took off the mask, and grabbed them. He spent half an hour taking each one and carefully applying just the right shade to his yellow skin. He had been using moisturizer to keep it from peeling. It looked a bit strange, but with enough hair over it he almost looked normal. If a brooding five-year-old could look normal. He felt naked without the mask, but went along with it. He got more things done without his father trying to make him happy all the time. He was working on a story on a guy named Don who got everything he wanted.

His mother had run off again with a man she met about a year before Erik was born. She had an important Job. He still suspected something, but he knew not what.

On his sixth birthday he was looking at his grades. He guessed 99% was a good enough grade for Fifth. He was going to begin seventh tomorrow, he finished everything for the sixth over the summer. He would have finished seventh too but he wasn't tall enough to reach the shelf. Sure four foot six wasn't that short, but the librarian wouldn't believe he was taking on seventh he laughed at him as his fingers dribbled on the text books. Though his hand was mysteriously found in the outhouse two days later, a handless librarian a mile away.

Read the rest of the story at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5582212/1/You_naughty_little_boy_shame_on_you
4/28/2010 09:41:18 am

is there any reason as to why you have randomly capitalized the second letter of some words? or are you just lAzy

4/28/2010 11:30:49 am

NO ITs just I Hold down the CAPS For too long

3/8/2011 10:19:54 am

That's some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could possibly be this varied. Thank you for all of the enthusiasm to provide such useful details here. I’m in fact fairly interested so will retain an eye out for updates! You are so great at obtaining what you would like to say out there in a way thats intelligent and entertaining. Im actually impressed!


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