We the You!
Recessions hitting everybody hard, yes even people you might not know... so everyone is dealing with it differntly, were eating at home more, so we use a bunch of stuff we have lying around, check out this cheap dinner for 2 recipe

Recession proof dinner for 2
3 frozen hotdogs
2 Yukon gold potatoes, or any medium size potatoe really
1 apple, banana, orange, or any variation of them
! lemon or orange (can be juice)
Olive oil
maybe some salt
2 cups frozen veggie

take out a skillet and place on stove next to olive oil *do not turn on flame
take out a cutting board and a good knife, proceed to cut the potatoes into tiny pieces
pour olive oil into pan an turn to med-high heat let warm for 30 sec.
put in potatoes and add more olive oil cook potatoes till some turn a darkish brown during that...
 put frozen hotdogs in microwave for 30sec.
while waiting for potatoes to brown cut hotdogs in half length wise and chop into small bits approx. 1/2 inch. maybe less
once that is done check potatoes, stir, you may need to add oil but not necessarily
if done add hotdogs and cover, lower to medium heat
microwave frozen veggie
chop up the fruit into very smally pieces and put into bowl, add orange/ lemon juice and keep until hotdogs are warm
taste test it and if it is done to your satisfaction divide equally and serve
you may need ot add salt but if you used a good hotdog it should be flavord already
FOr four double recipie, for larger appetites same...

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