We the You!
EPisode uploeaded
 Happy april fools,  ... why wont the stupid butt frickin' thing fricken' upload!!
I'm sick

Like really sick

Like I'm on antibiotics sick, but it did give me time to finish my essay, (yay!) i guess
I'm givin' you another great piece of music, yeah, I said it, Oh I am such a
glambert some times,

we should be able to video tape at least something to put up here soon, (if i can arrange it that is) so we will have some one (hopefully) reading these pleas for attention!   COMMMENT!
THank you for aknowledging our exsistence by reading all of this, I'm barly hanging on to your world
*finger slip slowly away form your hand*
\I'm starting to think I'm a visual personm hmmmm

Ryrare Mercer, Youth at large

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