We the You!
We now have a NEW EPISODE THAT IS UP! sorry for the long wait, technical difficulties and temptations (THE SIMS 3 AMBITIONS IS AWSOME BTW)  OK NOW THAT MY FREAKOUT IS MOMENT is over and I took off caps lock, anybody every eaten homme made frozen lemoande, you take a crystal light packet, make a cxup, and spread it on two ice cube trays, freezed over night, then constantly stand up while at the computor to grab a cube.  Oh I found a comercial, of a product none of you hjave heard of, the drink is pretty good. 
You guys hear about that oil spill in the nmexican gulf?
If you haven't go grab a q-tip, I can wait.....
Alright now that you're back *ahem*  *screaming* THERE'S A SPILL OF OIL IN THE MEXICAN GULF!

Alright now
  that you've heard about it and I took off Italics, hold on , crud italis is chasing  me sombody help me, i'
7/22/2010 01:22:34 pm

people tell me to put a new post then don't commment, this is just so TYPICAL, woah, ther I go again channeling the black tattoo

7/24/2010 03:06:16 pm

Idk what you're talking about in any of your posts =P

7/25/2010 11:19:23 am



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