We the You!
Or should I say that's classfied? (haruhi Suzumiya)
Eitherway, I challenge YoU!
You are a spy trying to gain access to a high profile building that contains very classified information. The only thing standing between you and those secrets is a keypunch security system containing the digits 1-9 that will open the door to the building. Your spy agency has provided you details about the order of the keys you need to enter:

1. Each digit is pressed once and only once.
2. No two consecutive digits are pressed consecutively. 
3. The digits 2 and 4 are pressed 2nd and 4th in some order; the digits 6 and 8 are pressed 6th and 8th in some order.
4. The sum of the first 5 digits pressed is 19; the sum of the last 5 digits pressed is 27. 

As you wonder why your agency couldn't just write down the sequence for you, you crack the code and enter the building.

What sequence of keys did you press on the security system to get into the building?

If someone ommetns with the right one i will let you  know, if not, in a few dyas the answer will be revealed!
8/19/2010 09:57:32 am

52741698 (you said consecutive numbers ex 123456789 cannot be there consecutively which doesnt include 987654321 which is a reverse order) DUH BECKY

8/19/2010 10:06:55 am

if thats not it and you meant reversed (you are terrible at wording things) then the correct answer is to simply crush the keypad, drill a hole from below into the room, go through a window, have Keiko use her magical teleprotation powers OR blow a big hole in the wall.

8/19/2010 10:27:28 am

WRONG! *buzzer sound*


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