We the You!
Everyone has Now read About Norwood. 
yeah can't say really to much about that. 
As promised i will tell more about Percy JAckson
Read more but warning spoilers
HE CANNOT BE 16, that ruins the entire story ARCH! and what happened to the oracle and "i have strong feelings for you" from ANNABETH!!! what the Hades!
and Grover doesn't want to be a protector, he wants to be a searcher so he can search for Pan. and the mom saves herself from the underworld, and why doesn't charon wear an italian suit.  and where were the other dead!!!
this is a great movie if you havn't read the book, but if you have get ready to scream your head of, cause it is full of minotaur styx
2/27/2010 01:44:44 am


Ryrare Mercer
2/28/2010 05:29:25 am

Well it is!
Also why didn't they take the Cash Cards, and Lotus cookies????!!!
What the Hades!

And MRs. Dodds was the Pre-algerbra Teacher!!! NOt English, though i can understand that difference
but why is GRover so perverted???
this movie was full of minotaur styx


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