We the You!
So the never sill applies, because I kept the stardate, which I KNOW is right next to it, but i like it so ueueueuegh!
I have to do stupid swimming in PE that I was looking forward to except, you guess what!!?
IT GOT RAINING You otta HATE the weather we get wheer we live in ********************************
Woa, big sensor there!
  Apparently there were some pictures of meagan fox or whoever leaked to the interent. 
I don't know anything about this topic, it is just on google trends, andf Im trying to think of something interesting to write about that most people know about, so I can't really write about my anime opbeseccion or how in Naruto Sasuke ***********************************************************************
Wow, even bigger sensor.
And in arizone, the stupitest state in th nation (don't get me started on their immegration policy, I'm saving that for later. ) has a special election today causing some sales tax increae, (do they really think thats gonna pass?) tyo get more revenue (they batter not send that money to their new immegration policy. )
so basically if you've been living under a rock (like Norwood( that for some reason gets sattilite)) they are allowed to basically arrest anybody, (I might be exaggerating a tiny bit) but if they have probable caus etheu can detain you.  so don't order nachos, tacos, guacamole, or say anything witha spanish accent, also avoind it unless you are nearly albineo. 
But what happens when the Native American decide to ask the white guy for their papaer, (tehy were here first!)
  credits for the cartoon go to who ever made it (I don't know who?)

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